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Frequently Asked Questions
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 Who can participate in the EZSchoolSupplies.com program?
All public, private and charter schools along with any group, organization or team can participate in the EZSS program. EZSS is web based and anyone can take advantage of the convenience even if they are not connected with a school or organization.
 Can you explain the 10% rebate donation?
Every organization that enrolls with EZSchoolSupplies.com will receive a ten percent (10%) donation of the total net sales* on all orders received before June 15th of the current year. The donation can come in the form of a cash donation or in the form of additional supplies. To receive the maximum donation we encourage your group to organize an aggressive marketing blitz to the parents over a 4-6 week window prior to June 15th.
 Each year some of our teachers wait until the last minute to make their supply lists. Can you suggest a way we can motivate them and make it easy to create the lists?
We encourage early enrollment as it helps our manufacturers and suppliers handle large orders and allows us to pass savings on to the customers. We find that when teachers know their school’s deadline for submitting their list, they really try not to jeopardize the school’s chance to receive a donation which can help the school’s budget substantially.
 Can our school receive a price quote on our school supply lists before we order the supplies?
Yes! You can receive product information and price quotes upon request. Our program has no hidden charges.
 How do your prices compare with those at Target or Wal-Mart?
Our prices are very competitive but for certain individual items the price may be slightly higher than a Target or Wal-mart. However, given the convenience of shopping at home, the assurance that all supplies will be included and the savings of gas and time, EZSchoolSupplies.com offers an exceptional value.
 What if some parents wish to get their student’s school supplies somewhere else?
EZSS is a shopping alternative for parents. Many schools, teams and groups do require students to purchase their school supplies through EZSS. This assures that every student will have exactly what the teacher has requested and also obtain the maximum donation. Our program is a convenient shopping alternative; saving time and money while helping parents avoid the “yearly scavenger hunt” for supplies.
 Last year when we ordered 80 sheet packages of graph paper, we received packages that contained 100 sheets, but you only charged us the 80 sheet package price. Was that a mistake?
No, this was not a mistake. We do our best to provide the exact products you order. However, if the items you order are not available, we contact you about substituting a comparable item. Normally, all customers receive the exact supplies that are ordered.
 When does our group receive the donation check?
The donation checks are sent during the month of October. It is very important that all contact information be current and correct so that the check will be processed in a timely manner.
 We would like to use your supply program as a fundraiser, but a few of our parents are not computer savvy. Do you have hard copy order forms they can use to order their student’s school supplies?
Yes, we have hard copy order forms for parents who do not want to place their orders online. We can email the forms to be printed out.
 Does your company do special agreements with schools and groups?
Yes, if your school or group decides to utilize EZSS as its exclusive supplier, we will be more than happy to enter into an agreement and provide you with school, office and teacher supplies.
 Do you have a privacy policy regarding use of personal information?
Yes, we maintain a strict Privacy Policy and no information is shared with any other firm or organization. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, we want to maintain our integrity and professional standing throughout our market territories.
 Do your prices vary from school to school?
No! We are an online supplier of school supplies and our prices are fixed and available to everyone equally.

Do you have any more questions?

If so, please contact our Customer Service at:
Toll Free: 888-571-1878; Tel: 303-271-1878; Fax:303-858-8839
Email: info@ezschoolsupplies.com

Hours of Operation

Our customer service representatives are available to assist you 8:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time.

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